We got a Puppy…Now What?


“Hi! I’m Lexi!”

Puppies lure people in with their cuteness—it’s a cold, hard fact. Many people I knew in college, like myself, always said, “I can’t wait to get a dog after I graduate!” They offer companion and love in abound, for the small price of time and work (usually a much larger price than you first think). This is especially true if you get a puppy, which is exactly what my husband and I did after just two months of being married.

Sounds crazy right? You might be asking yourself, “Why would they do that, don’t they know how much work a puppy is!?” Well, we asked ourselves the same question two days after getting our little pup. But she was soooo cute, we couldn’t resist! Does this sound familiar to anyone?…Anyone?

Our little girl, Lexi, whom we named after a character on Grey’s Anatomy (our guilty pleasure show), is a Chihuahua-Terrior mix. Sandy color with some dark gray hairs, a ‘dipped’ tail and smokey-colored ears she is the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen. And when I say little, I mean 2 pounds! We took her home and put her on the floor where she kind of just waddled around—did I mention she was only five weeks old?

Fast-forward through our first week of not knowing what to do with her during the day or the best place for her to sleep at night. It’s safe to say we didn’t get much Zzz’s those first few nights! We quickly got a handle on the best sleeping arrangement; she sleeps in a kennel in the room next to ours and hardly ever makes a peep at night. During the day, she’s all set up in a gated area in the kitchen with her bed, toys and food—life’s essentials, right?

Going on four weeks of having little Lexi, she has grown 1.3 pounds and uses her puppy pads to do her business 90 percent of the time. What more could we ask for?! We’re excited to have her be a part of our little family and can’t wait to see the kind of dog she grows up to be. You could say we’re proud puppy parents!


2 thoughts on “We got a Puppy…Now What?

  1. She is so cute, can’t wait to meet her. Will you be able to bring her with you for RaeAnn’s graduation? I see puppies in travel crates all the time on the planes

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