Our (almost) Paleo Journey

Where has the time gone?! I’m sorry for being so absent; life has been a whirlwind with traveling, my best friend’s wedding and trying to figure out the next step for Ross in his career. But in the midst of all that, we were also able to squeeze in a fun baseball game, courtesy of Deloitte! [On a side note, Ross has officially signed on to work for Deloitte & Touche starting next year. So proud of my hubby!]

Back to the game, the DiamondBacks were playing the LA Dodgers, which was a great game to watch, but we also enjoyed the company and let ourselves indulge a little bit in hotdogs and chips. But instead of eating any of the cookies or brownies they had displayed so nicely on the counter, we encouraged each other to stick to eating raw veggies…yum! So all of this to say we decided we really needed to ramp up our diet because we were just feeling blah, even though we were exercising regularly throughout the week.

After talking with one of Ross’s friends and co-workers, we decided to give the Paleo diet a try, or at least our version of it. We left the game and headed straight for Sprouts, (because it’s obviously the place to go if you want to go Paleo, right?), and filled our cart with veggies, fruit, meat, nuts and yams. We went home and cooked a delicious meal of chicken and vegetables, which later came back up and out of my body because I somehow got the stomach flu for the first time in my life.

So once I was able to eat real food again, not just Jell-O, Saltines, soup and Gatorade, we really dove into eating a more Paleo diet. Our daily meals consist of something like eggs and avocado for breakfast (goodbye cereal and oatmeal!), a salad with canned tuna or chicken and lots of veggies for lunch, and some sort of meat, veggies and potato for dinner. In between meals we’ll have snacks like an apple and peanut or almond butter, almonds, yogurt or veggies and hummus. Although the Paleo diet leaves out cheese and dairy in general, we still eat cheese and will sometimes have yogurt…just not as much as we used to.

Now the big question is: What does this really do for my body and health? We’ve noticed it helps us stay full longer between meals, and I also don’t get as many stomach aches as when I was eating much more gluten and dairy (a definite plus!). We also believe and feel it helps us concentrate better at work, and complete daily tasks more efficiently. Humans are meant to eat what comes out of the ground; not all the processed food in our society, which our bodies don’t know how to digest.

There is no way we have completely written off grains forever though. If we’re out with friends or family and can’t control what we eat, then that’s fine. And we’re of course going to want a sweet treat every now and then! It’s more about reducing the amount of gluten and processed foods we put into our bodies. This is just the start of a lifestyle change we’re doing together, and we’re really excited! If you follow the Paleo diet and have tips or recipes we can try, please let me know!!

And I promise to write again sooner rather than later :). I hope you all had a joyous Easter celebration!

xox Aurelia